Hire Us to obtain a Stucco or EIFS Inspection Report

Darbo Inspections will provide a prompt, (usually within 24hrs.), multi-page report after our third party EIFS Inspection, containing specific photographs and observations of any possible deficiencies and /or concerns of each property. Each report will include the results of electronic moisture intrusion testing, and visual inspection of the exterior wall cladding system. These findings along with the digital photographs will be summarized within a straightforward, uncomplicated report that will serve as professional opinion of what was observed during the inspection. Upon completion, this inspection report will be e-mailed in PDF format to the client or clients.

*Only non-destructive moisture intrusion testing is performed on cement plaster stucco or what is often referred to as hard-coat stucco. The testing is performed using a TRAMEX Moisture Encounter Plus non-destructive moisture meter.

While it is possible to perform invasive probe testing on stucco, it would be the same as attempting to perform moisture testing on brick, stone, composite siding, or any other cladding besides EIFS. The water resistive barrier (Tyvek, Felt Paper, etc.) required behind all of these claddings would have to be punctured to actually test the moisture content of the sheathing materials. As one can imagine, these tests are very inconclusive, and only represent the moisture content of the sheathing in a "dime" sized area. If you happen to be off by as little as 1/2 inch in either direction, you would not gain a correct reading, negative or positive. Destructive testing in any cladding other than EIFS, requires written consent from the owner, and the hiring of a repair contractor to repair all holes that must be drilled, along with damage that may result from the invasive testing. It is my opinion that the value and reliability of the information gained during probe testing does not justify the cost and damage to the stucco wall.

*Please go to my Links page and contact any of the listed agencies to confirm the qualifications of the inspector that you may be considering.

REPAIR CONTRACTORS: A list of certified, reputable repair contractors will be included in each Residential EIFS or Stucco Evaluation Report. *Darbo Inspections is not associated with these firms and their information is provided as a courtesy only. Darbo Inspections is not liable for any agreements entered into and/or work done by these firms.

*We perform Stucco and EIFS Inspections all over the United States, with the majority of our work being conducted in North Texas.